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Power Fitness Games are total body weight fitness challenges that bring people together - ON ZOOM - for 'friendly' challenges that are NO JOKE!  Anyone participating is in for an amazing maximal physical experience.  Currently, we accept a total of 20 people per challenge.  Please send a message a.s.a.p. to reserve space if you are interested.

The Winter 2021 invitational event will consist of: THE QUADATHALON (listed below). The event takes place December 18th, 2021 at 11 am e.s.t.  There is NO CHARGE to enter the 11 am e.s.t. event.  

To see the moves for The Quadathalon click here: SAMPLE VIDEO


Mountain Climbers



Capoeira (Speed Skaters)

Each move is allowed 10 minutes.  Total event time = 40 minutes

Get ready to take your fitness experience to the next level with our programs and challenges.  
To reserve your spot in our third invitational fitness challenge, please go to

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Andre Turan, A.C.E. Certified:
Andre is a global leader in the low impact / high intensity training movement, He holds multiple world records in fitness including the Guinness World Records (2012) and the current world record for Most Squats in 24-hours. His innovations and successes in diet and exercise programming have dubbed him the workout wizard.

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